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Guided mountainbike tours


– Half day

We offer guided tours with MTB for both beginners end experienced cyclists.

In ”MTB Trosa – Leisurely” we take the easily rolled beautiful paths. During this tour, we take easier paths close to the sea or in the forest.

We always initiate our guided tours with technical tips so that you can feel safe and secure on the bike before heading out.

”MTB Trosa – Leisurely” means that we start slowly on gravel roads, change to broader paths, and after a while try on technical paths and build up different moments adapted to the group skills during the tour.

You will receive a good introduction to MTB and a lovely experience in Trosa. We can offer a tour close to the sea or a forest tour, depending on the weather and our participant’s wishes.

Do you need to rent a mtb? We bring the bike and clean them after (helmet is included). You just add the bikes during the booking.

Coming tours on MTB Leisurely in Trosa:

  • Open weekends January to April
  • Open daily 1 of may to 30 September 

If you can’t find a date, please email or call us and we will find an occasion that suits you.

”We had a great tour with Veronica where we started with learning to handle the bikes which might sound easy enough but if you wish to evolve faster it is really good to understand how the bike acts in different situations. We wanted to combine sightseeing with activity and Veronica handled that superbly, a mix of leisurely and more technical cycling to evolve. I really recommend seeing Trosa from a bike and hiring a tour guide to find those paths you would otherwise miss.”

Lena Olin


Possible to book 24 hours ahead.



– A one-day guide with accommodation at Tre Små Rum. This is a great package deal if want to learn MTB basics.

In this package deal, you get a mix of the quaint environment of Trosa and will be cycling unmarked paths and roads to suit your needs and levels. We start the day with technical tips to make you feel safe and secure on your bike. During the day, you will learn:

  • Basic technics
  • Brake skills
  • Your positioning on the bike
  • Balance exercises
  • Conquer obstacles

You will return to Tre Små Rum where you can relax with a beneficial bath in the pool. During the evening, you can walk along the river, experience Trosa at twilight, and have dinner at one of the restaurants in Trosa’s old town center or the harbor.

Cycling at your terms in combination with some enjoyable days in lovely Trosa. We will adjust the contents to suit the level of the group ranging from beginners to advanced.

If you wish to book a day for another skill level you need to be at least 4 persons.

PACKAGE DEAL: Price per person, accommodation with shared shower/WC. Included:

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, coffee break, and a certified guide for a full day. 1970 SEK/ person. Additional 150 SEK/person for private shower/WC.

Do you need to rent a mtb? We bring the bike and clean them after (helmet is included). You just add the bikes during the booking.

Max 8 persons per guide. Min 4 persons per event.

More about Tre Små Rum

Tre Små Rum

Possible to book 72 hours ahead.

Experience something real, eat & ride in wild forest

Together, we experience lakes, farmland, red cottages with white trim, a mill from the 17th century. All surrounded by a landscape filled with wild animals such as fallow deer, wild boar, and mouflon.

Experience a food and cycling adventure in the beautiful forests of Sörmland, just 1 hour south och Stockholm. Combine an outdoor dining experience with a guided mountain bike tour on gravel roads and trails in the varied Sörmland nature. A memorable experience with activity and scenic environments for the curious and active people.

After a pleasant bike ride, we are greeted by the crackling fire, enjoying a meal made with Sörmland ingredients. We continue our bike tour and conclude the trip with a steaming cup of boiled coffee, reflecting on and summarizing the day’s impressions.

We slowly roll back to Öster Malma Castle.


  • From 4 hours and prices starting at 230 euros per person.
  • Minimum of 8 people required.
    If you wish to have this experience in a shorter time, we can tailor the day to your needs.
  • Language: Swedish / English
    Location: Öster Malma, 60 minutes to Stockholm


  • Lunch made from locally sourced ingredients
  • Boiled coffee & cake
  • Mountain bike, helmet, and water bottle


For this experience contact us : veronica@weridemtb.se 


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